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Jeremy Britton Jeremy Britton Jeremy Britton Jeremy Britton

Hi, I'm Jeremy Britton  

Discover how you can *live your life like you're on holidays all the time*!  What would it take for you to have absolute confidence, make fast & correct decisions and live life with passion and purpose?

Warana, Australia

About Jeremy

How would your life be if you could live anywhere, work anywhere and do what you like, when you like? How do you balance your left-brained strategy with your right-minded creativity?

These are some of the questions which I asked myself many years ago, and now I can show you how to make it a possibility for you in your business and in your life. Instead of looking forward to the weekend, create a life which you do not need to escape from: live like you're on holidays all the time! 

My Training and Qualifications

Qualifications are mostly meaningless unless they come bundled in EXPERIENCE, however, just in case you're interested in academic trivia:

  • Diploma of Financial Advising, majoring in direct shares, US & AU stocks
  • Senior Associate of Financial Services Institute, Australasia
  • Diploma of Professional Hypnotherapy, majoring in NLP
  • Associate of Hypnotherapy Association of Australia
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Masters in Flick Your Rich Switch Technology (FYRST *TM)
  • Doctorate in Divinity, religious, spiritual and metaphyisical studies.

My Coaching and Work Experience

  • started my own business age 19; in the next few years have built several businesses from scratch and sold for $ix Figure$
  • 20 years in Financial Planning, including owning 3 FP businesses
  • owned, operated and managed a variety of service businesses and retail businesses
  • retired twice, got bored, started new businesses
  • author of several books on business, finances, money, mindset
  • coaching clients in 9 countries

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