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Martin Camden

Hi, I'm Martin Camden  

The Right Relationships — Love & relationship counselling/coaching.

The Right Success — Success & happiness coaching (and for complex problem-solving).

The Right Life — “Landmark Education” coaching: freedom from your “emotional baggage”.

Croydon, United Kingdom

About Martin

My methods have been developed, tried and tested over a period of more than 20 years.

In a short consultation (free for up to 20 minutes), you will know whether straight coaching or any of my other offerings are right for you, and satisfactory results can be achieved faster then you might think.

Love & relationship counselling/coaching puts an end to unproductive relationship conflict and the associated stress/distress, and facilitates meaningful and lasting reconciliation, or facilitates civil/amicable separation.

Success & happiness coaching helps you to achieve a sense of success in your own eyes—the greatest pathway towards true happiness.

Freedom & choice coaching helps you consolidate your learnings from studying with the worldwide training organisation, “Landmark Education”, ultimately leading to better quality decision-making arising from freedom from your “emotional baggage”.

My Training and Qualifications

Bristol University – Mathematics and Computer Science.
Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling.
20 years practice of life and business coaching using the CTI model (trained by Estrella Associates) and applying the methods of the ICF accredited Kerslake Company.
Extensive study of sources of self-help, mainstream & alternative therapies, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, counselling, mentoring, coaching, psychotherapy and psychiatry (autism, schizophrenia, bipolar and personality disorders).
Training with Soul Purpose, Landmark Education and The Work of Byron Katie amongst other leading personal development organisations, including the school of hard knocks, the university of life and the Academy of Greatness (The Hero's/Shero’s Journey).

Many hours of support and learning with my Inspiration Coach, Judith Germain.


My Coaching and Work Experience

20 years building a network of some of the most advanced specialists available (if I can't provide you with total satisfaction, then it's likely that I'll know someone who can).

20 years learning my trade, providing satisfaction for clients with many extremely challenging life situations.

20 years perfecting my communication skills and the ability to teach communication skills both academically and through modelling.

The experience of healing my relationships with my parents (now aged 86 & 85).

The experience of 2 failed relationships (7 years each), and 3 sons (now all successful young adults).

The experience of finding my beloved Vida, and together proving what makes love and marriage work.