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Nomi Bachar

Hi, I'm Nomi Bachar  

Gates of Power®, created by Nomi Bachar, is a revolutionary method for self-healing and self actualization. The program provides you with practical guidance, aiding you to reach your potential and achieve a life of fulfillment.


New York, United States

About Nomi

Nomi Bachar is a Self-Healing and Self-Actualization expert. She is a visionary thought leader, author, and coach. Ms. Bachar is dedicated to the art and craft of human growth and transformation. She is the creator of the Gates of Power®; a method for self-healing and self-transformation. Her book, Gates of Power: Actualize Your True Self, was published in May 2014.

Gates of Power® method provides you with practical and inspirational guidance, coaching you to reach your potential and achieve a life of balance and fulfillment.

There are 7 facets that comprise our life. These facets are Body, Emotions, Dialogue, Creative Expression, Life Path, Silence, and Knowledge. In the method, these are called Gates. In order to actualize your potential, empower and heal yourself, you have to unblock and energize all of these facets. When all the Gates are energized and strengthened, you can create the life you envision. The method is supported by a curriculum that includes individual training and workshops. You can choose to work individually or participate in both private or group sessions.

The Gates of Power® method assists you in reconnecting you to your wholeness and potential, redesigning your life to express your highest vision, and liberating you from what is in your way to fulfillment, inner freedom, and happiness.

The rate for the Gates of Power® method is on a sliding scale. Exception are always made for students and individuals who are without work.

My Training and Qualifications

  • The New York Society of Bioenergetic Analysis, 1985 - 1987
  • Gestalt Wokstudy with Elaine Walman,1982 - 1986
  • Psychodrama Study at The Instiute of Sociotherapy, 1983 - 1985
  • Parks Whiteman Primal Therapy Center, 1981 - 1984

My Coaching and Work Experience

  • Founder of White Cedar institute for Expanded Living, LLC
  • Creator of Gates of Power® method
  • Psychotherapist: Twenty-Five years in private practice
  • Author of Gates of Power: Actualize Your True Self
  • Speaker on topics: Healing, Wellness, Self-Actualization, Creativity, and Transformation
  • Workshop Leader: Twenty years of experience as creator and facilitator
  • Teacher: Ten years of experience with children and young adults

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