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Marina Kogan

Hi, I'm Marina Kogan  

Marina Kogan is Life and Business Coach working with companies and individuals in UK, Russia and France. She identifies what it takes to start a business and succeed; how to be resilient in difficult times and run a successful business.

Colwyn Bay, United Kingdom

About Marina

Working with Individual clients I use the approach of Identity coaching focusing on Your Brilliance. Tha clients achieve tremendeous results using their strenths, uncovering talents and true passions in their life.

In the corporate world the focus on - Wellbeing for You and Wellbeing for your Business. Important for SMEs and bigger organisations, going through changes with positive outcomes, being resilient and sustainable.


My Training and Qualifications

MA Linguistics - Irkutsk's Linquistics University - 1983

The Coaching Academy - London - 2010


My Coaching and Work Experience

Working with the individual clients - UK, Russia, France.

Corporate clients - Novosibirs BASS -

United Kingdom - small businesses, Rhyl City Strategy, Glasdir Academy etc.

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