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Jen Kleiner

Hi, I'm Jen Kleiner  

Allow me to serve as your guide and cheerleader and I will provide you with inspiration and support in seeing how your life is serving you, with both the 'good' and 'bad' as your ally.

Los Angeles, United States

About Jen

Recently bestowed the "Professional Women of Excellence Award" and named a 2013-14 'Woman of The Year' by the National Association of Professional Women,  Jen Kleiner is an award winning filmmaker and celebrity stylist who has parlayed her unique experience in the entertainment industry into a successful coaching and consulting business aimed at helping other creatives achieve their ultimate vision while inspiring them to enjoy their lives more fully in the meantime.

In 2012, coined Jen "The Luminary Life Coach" for her transformational work helping others learn the tools to become "inner athletes" so they can finally "seize the day. 

Growing up in a large family of psychotherapists and relationship educators, Jen has been steeped in many traditional methods of counseling and completed trainings in Voice Dialogue, IFS therapy, "Calling In The One" Coaching, Landmark Education, The Sedona Method, Feminine Power, Transcendental Meditation among many others.

However, it was a childhood illness that lead her down a personal path of further exploration into the world of healing and transformation.

Jen resides in Los Angeles, CA, but works with people all over the globe via phone or Skype.

My Training and Qualifications

Over the last 17 years, Jen has had the pleasure of private study with many gifted healers, shamans, coaches and spiritual teachers from all over the world, inspiring her to acquire various tools for both inner and outer transformation. She has certifications in Reiki & Reconnective Healing, but believes her best form of energetic support comes through personal dialogue and creative collaboration.

My Coaching and Work Experience

My approach is a blend of intuitive counseling mixed with a deep understanding of the creative process to help you awaken to your own inner guidance and support you in trusting your instincts so you can learn how to leverage your power and cultivate more of what you desire in life without working so hard to make it happen. 

Unlike traditional coaching, I will not push you to take action steps until you've come into alignment with where you are in the moment. That part of that process involves creating a safe space for you to ‘wring out the sponge’ and let go of difficult feelings and thoughts that no longer serve, while assisting you in learning how to see the ‘gift’ in the experience that brought them about.

The next part of the process is helping you go within to connect with your deeper desires by feeling into what life would be like if your dreams were actualized. Helping you get in touch with that vision is imperative to assisting you in manifesting that reality in the outer world.

Then together, we will create a plan of action that serves your purpose and is in alignment with your highest intentions so you have the best support system in place to assist you in manifesting your achievements with ease.

I often use tools such as guided imagery, meditation and creative assignments as part of the process to help you gain peace, clarity, and feel emotionally aligned with your ultimate vision.

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