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Holger Spanggaard

Hi, I'm Holger Spanggaard  

Everybody is responsible for their own happiness, but coaching can help you getting most out of your life. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

About Holger

I have 10 years of experience as a couch, meditation and spirituel teacher. I also hold a ph.d. in chemsitry and have worked 10 years with research.

I believe in:

Personal development is something that happens, whether we seek it or not. Whole life is driven we consciously or unconsciously, by a desire for growth and development.

Personal development is not just about solving certain problems. Personal development is first and foremost about living more and more authentic.When you get closer to its soul, authentic self, and it really is, make life naturally with passion and joy because you live from the heart. Therefore, coaching not only focus on solving problems here and now, but also promote personal development in the broadest possible sense.

I focus on:

  • Motivation: Motivation is the most important parameter in personal development. You develop yourself until you find the right motivation.
  • Action: Change in the real world come only when you translate new knowledge into concrete action.
  • Relationships: Our relationships are a valuable mirror for our own development.
  • Always change: Wherever you are in your life, you develop yourself.Today is a new day, with new potentials and new challenges.
  • Authenticity: Meaningful development must be based on an authentic self - or be the base for future pain.
  • Male-female dynamics: Though we often pretend that men and women are similar, they differ in their core.
  • Spirituality: One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to feel your body, your heart, and be in the moment.

My Training and Qualifications

I am certified ID-Life Coach (ID-Acadamy) and EnneagramCoach (Essentia).Moreover, I participate regularly in various courses and workshops to develop myself.

I have for many years taught yoga, tantric philosophy and meditation (Natha Yoga Center).

I have held a variety of courses for men, with a focus on the man's identity, masculine sexuality and polarity.

Originally I Ph.D. in chemistry and has worked for several years in research, development and education.

My Coaching and Work Experience

I have 10 years of experience as a couch, meditation and spiritiual teacher. 

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Language Languages

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Avg cost (per hour): € 75,00 - € 100,00