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Hi, I'm Dan Seidman  

2013 International Sales Training Leader of the Year. 

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Barrington, United States

About Dan

Dan Seidman of Got Influence?

INTERNATIONAL SALES TRAINING LEADER OF THE YEAR 2013 (Stevie Awards) for his work designing and re-designing existing sales training in order to significantly increase sales team performance.

DAN SEIDMAN of GOT INFLUENCE? has been recognized as The Trainer to the World’s Sale Trainers (Willis Turner, CEO of Sales & Marketing Executives International). Dan is a globally-recognized speaker, consultant & sales trainer who teaches potent influence strategies for leaders, managers and sales pros.

Dan’s body of work can be found in THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SALES TRAINING (Pfeiffer, 2012), a 600 page encyclopedia of best-practices and the latest influence strategies for sales training. Dan is also designing the global sales training consulting for the world’s leading organization  for talent development (with 74,000 members).

 He is the author of #1 business best-seller, SALES AUTOPSY (Kaplan, 2006). Therein Dan reveals the top seven traits that distinguish world class sales professionals from the rest of the selling world. 

Dan is a WORLD MASTER’S ATHLETE with three gold medals playing on the U.S. basketball team. 

In addition, THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF INFLUENCE® is now available.  This timely book on psychologically-sound selling strategies is currently available as a keynote and training program.

Dan has been selected as one of the “Top 12 Sales Coaches in America” in Ultimate Selling Power.

His business humor columns  have been read by millions of people, both online and in print publications across the planet. 

My Training and Qualifications

B.A. Psychology, Trinity International University

My Coaching and Work Experience

25+ years designing and re-designing sales training programs for entrepreneurs and major corporate organizations.

Presenter at the prestigious Million Dollar RoundTable, the #1 financial services event in the world.

Training and facilitation across the planet, from Vietnam to Venezuela.

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Avg cost (per hour): $ 200.00 - $ 500.00