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Jessica Khudeida

Hi, we're Qi Mapping

We work with individuals & businesses to improve their spaces & circumstances through Feng Shui & Chinese metaphysics. We also offer workshops on several self-help topics, empowerment and Life coaching.

Beirut, Lebanon

About Qi Mapping

In 2004, Jessica Khudeida started studying Chinese Metaphysics disciplines (to name a few:Feng Shui, Face reading, Body Language) at academies in UK and Malaysia for self-development and better emphasis for creating positive energy in the natural environment and properties.

She choose her specialty to fulfill her passion for new cultures and civilizations , a passion that goes back to her family and her diverse lineage between Lebanese, Armenian, Argentinian, Greek and Polish.

She was the first to introduce the Feng Shui concept in Lebanon and explained it to the media through several TV appearances, radio segments and through a special program she presented on national television in 2007. In parallel, she has more than 100 articles published in numerous magazines.

In 2009, her first challenge was to choose the Feng Shui topic for her Master degree memoire as an Entrepreneurial case in USJ. Although some of the Jury members had heard very little about the subject, she graduated with honors and was chosen to be one of the graduation key speakers.

Among other activities, she is now working on training members of corporations to learn to know each other and to develop special skills through the use of Face reading & Body Language techniques.

Thanks to her academic expertise, Khudeida acquired in 2011 the trust of the Malaysian Academy to train, certify and sign certificates of long distance learning in Feng Shui in Lebanon & the Arab world.
In 2013, her research on physiognomy ’’The Art of Mian Xiang & Al Ferasah for Human Resources in defensive times‘’ got published in an American scientific column: Journal of Defense management. This journal provides independent and authoritative analysis on extensive areas of defense topics including policy, strategy, procurement, logistics, human resources, training, the army, air force, military vehicles, the Defense estate and more.
She is striving to integrate the subject of Face Reading as a training course within the academic curriculum of Lebanese universities. This project will need hard work and perseverance but she believes it will definitely succeed as the project she just achieved and published related to the new certified course on determining the positive spaces.

Our Training and Qualifications

Educational degree :  MA in “Feng Shui ‘’ & Chinese Metaphysics disciplines , Diploma in NLP ( UK ) ,

B.A in Business Administration ( USJ )

MBA in Entrepreneurship & NTIC  -  Saint Joseph University ( USJ ).

Our Coaching and Work Experience

Business Development Manager - QI Mapping

Lecturer - Universities and community Clubs

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