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Denise Bacon

Hi, I'm Denise Bacon  

If you feel as though you are at a crossroad, and don't know what the right answer for you is, DON'T worry! Using proven tools to examine your core values, dig deep into your subconscious and determine exactly what your heart desires.

Newberg, United States

About Denise

I am a certified life coach and I enjoy working with people who feel as though they are not meeting their life's potential. I spent a long time living a life that wasn't really my own and through a series of happy accidents my real life's journey was revealed and I was fortunate that I was in a place where I was able to realize it. My job, during our time together, is to make sure that you are not missing the clues that will reveal your best life to you.

I am a graduate of the Life Coaching Institute of Orange County and have been in private practice since 2009 and a Ford Family graduate (2012) where I trained with RDI (Rural Development Initiatives) as a group facilitator. I have a BA in Political Science and Social & Criminal Justice, and my MA in Public Administration. I am working on a second MA in Professional Counseling so I can merge the two thoughts of counseling and coaching into one practice. I am always expanding my knowledge base with seminars and classes so I can serve you by offering the most up to date information and tools.

 When I am not working for you, I volunteer as a city councilor in Newberg, and serve on many different boards (HfH, The Yamhill Watershed Stewardship Fund, and YCAP), as well as belong to several civic organizations. My hobbies are quilting, writing, reading, art, and cooking. I have two little white dogs who are my constant companions both at work and at home.

My Training and Qualifications

  •  BA Political Science, Social and Criminal Justice 2011
  • Life Coaching Institute of Orange County, 2009
  • MPA, 2014
  • NLP Master Practitioner 2010

My Coaching and Work Experience

I have been in private practice for six years, working with people all over the world as a life coach. I specialize in women and couples who are struggling with empty nest issues, people who feel as though they may be on the wrong path in their life, and people who are struggling to find meaningful relationships. I also do group facilitation work for non-profits who are looking to define their purpose, as well as government bodies who are struggling to get along and work together to insure that the needs of their constituents.  

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