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Adriana Ellis

Hi, I'm Adriana Ellis  

I use a systematic approach to lead women to the path of mindfulness and awareness to make permanent changes in their weight and eating habits.

Edmonton, Canada

About Adriana

Health, Wellness and Weight Loss has always been of interest to me.  As I used to be a figure skater and a Figure Skating Coach, Health and Fitness were a big part of my Students lives.  But as I got older and discovered how my own lack of being in touch with my body resulted in me gaining significant weight and suffering some health setbacks.  

When I began listening to my body and learned to stop self sabotaging myself, then I lost the weight and gain better health and enjoyment of life!

My Training and Qualifications

  • Certified Weight Coach (March 2015) with The Life Coach School
  • Diploma as a Natural Health Consultant (Dec 2014) with Stratford Career Institute
  • Certified Hypnotist (Sept 2013) with American Alliance of Hypnotists
  • Certified Elite Life Coach (Jan 2013) with The Coach Mindset 

My Coaching and Work Experience

Have been going to school, all my experience is through my classes coaching other students

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Avg cost (per hour): $ 40.00