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Muriel McClymont

Hi, I'm Muriel McClymont  

Coaching is a powerful and effective way to make lasting change, set goals, improve relationships, make decisions, build confidence or deal with difficult situations. My job is to facilitate and support the progress you need to make. 

London, United Kingdom

About Muriel

Muriel is a qualified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner with over 20 years experience working with people as a Manager, Coach and Trainer.

She works with people from all environments and backgrounds to help them build confidence, improve presentation and performance skills, navigate difficult circumstances and much more.

Many of her current clients are creative freelancers who are actors, musicians and writers. Muriel particularly enjoys helping people to use their creativity to solve the issues that can arise for all of us from time to time.

My Training and Qualifications

  • B. Sc Designated in Anatomy from Aberdeen University
  • Practitioner Coach with Noble Manhattan
  • NLP Practitioner Certificate from NLP University in Santa Cruz
  • Master Practitioner NLP Certificate from PPD Learning in London

My Coaching and Work Experience

As a full time coach and trainer for the last eight years, I have worked with a wide range of people, helping them to move forward from many difficult situations and circumstances.  

In practical terms, this has meant that I have helped actors learn to enjoy auditions, deal with negative feedback constructively, and develop their resilience, which has resulted in more work!

I have helped people transfer skills they have already mastered into new 'problem' areas. 

I have assisted many people to transform their career path, including working with an IT specialist to enter the world of art, and an administrator to embark on a career in law.

I have supported people who have been experiencing bullying in the workplace as well as individuals going through difficult divorces.

I like to motivate people and put them back in touch with all the great things they have previously done, and that they are capable of doing in the future. I work with them to find their purpose and passion.

I give them space to think and sort out their feelings, feedback and practical tips for self management to allow them to stay strong and make decisions that are right for them. 

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