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Caitlin Gawa

Hi, I'm Caitlin Gawa  

Are you interested in increasing your happiness, improving your well being, becoming more self-aware or becoming more successful? Now is the time to take control of your life and start living life the way you want.

Richmond, Canada

About Caitlin

My personality is nurturing, compassionate, and patient. I am naturally empathetic and sensitive to the feelings and beliefs of others.

Complimenting my personality, my experiences have ensured that I am an excellent listener and observer, which means that I am insightful to the needs and wants of others while maintaining a nonjudgmental perspective.

The large amount of work that I have done in childcare and with at-risk youth has enabled me to efficiently communicate, empathise, and provide support and understanding.

I offer Animal Assisted therapy because I have spent my whole life around animals and have seen the benefits of being surrounded by animals first hand. 

I strongly believe in Art Therapy because I think that it is a comfortable and safe way to express emotions, desires, and fears. In addition to gaining self awareness, it is calming and a great form of meditation.

My Training and Qualifications

I have a BA in Psychology, Professional Counselling Diploma, and Addiction Workers Certificate. My personal, educational, and work experiecnes have assisted me in gaining knowledge and an understanding of the difficulties arising from coping and dealing with crisis, addiction, and developmental delays.

My Coaching and Work Experience

I have been an educator, mentor, and supervisor for all ages with a variety of organzations including the Richmond School District, UBC, Monarch House, Family Centered Practices, PLEA, Quantum Learning Acadamy, and Big Sisters.

I answer phones for the Chimo Crisis Line, which ensures that I am confident in dealing with people in distress and crisis.

I have 2+ years experience as a Behaviour Interventionist.

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