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Chris Delaney

Hi, I'm Chris Delaney  

Over the past 15 years, Chris has built up a reputation as a highly motivational coach, helping clients to overcome their fears and to achieve their goals.

Manchester, United Kingdom

About Chris

Chris Specialises in FAST THERAPY a unique blend of therapy for Phobia Removal, Decreasing Fear and Anxiety and Boosting Self Esteem and Confidence. 

Chris Delaney is a qualified NLP Life Coach, Hynotherapist and Careers Advisor. With over 10 years experience supporting people to achieve their life and career goal’s, Chris has the experience and skills to help you achieve your dream’s. As an experienced Coach and the Founder of Employment King, Chris has years of experience to help you move forward in both your career and your life.

My Training and Qualifications

NLP Practitioner


Life Coach

Career Advisor

My Coaching and Work Experience

Over 15 years supporting people to achieve their goals

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