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Miranda Hutchinson

Hi, I'm Miranda Hutchinson  

Struggling with confidence?  Hate the image in the mirror?  Life or Business not as you want it to be?

It really doesn’t have to be this way! My clients have described their time with me as Life Changing. 

Preston, United Kingdom

About Miranda

I spent over 25 years in corporate organisations across the UK, latterly leading all aspects of change. When I started to feel perpetually tired and with little passion for what I was doing, I knew it was time for a change.  Maybe you are experiencing that right now?

I work very intuitively with clients, using gentle inquiry to help them deal with the root of the challenge they are facing.  I have a number of different coaching qualifications including Life, Style, Business and NLP Coaching.  My approach is all about working with you as an individual helping you to live life and do business on your own term.

My Training and Qualifications

My training has been diverse and with a number of recognised bodies. Including:

 - Dawn Breslin Training (through the Coaching Academy), DBT Life Coach Practitioner in Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem Building Techniques - 2006

- INLPTA Diploma in NLP with The Coaching Academy - 2007
- INLPTA Certified Practitioner with Ralph Watson Training, 2007
- INLPTA Certified Coach Practitioner with Ralph Watson Training (one of the first in the UK), 2007
- ANLP accredited Certified Practitioner of Business NLP, 2007

- BSC (Hons) 2-1 Mathematical Sciences
- FE & Adult Teachers Certificate

and more recently Professional Style Coach™ (Honours) diploma (2014) with the Style Coaching Institute®. I am a member of The International Association of Style Coaches™

My Coaching and Work Experience

Until 2013 my work was focused in the corporate environment (predominately financial services), working with leaders, manager and teams to achieve significant results. I have also worked with individuals who want address issues in their personal lives as well as their working lives - from 'shop floor' to the executive board room.

Now, my focus is on working with small business owners and individuals who want to live life and do busines on their own terms.

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Avg cost (per hour): £ 120.00 - £ 175.00