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Yiwen L Cyrus Yiwen L Cyrus Yiwen L Cyrus

Hi, I'm Yiwen L Cyrus  

As an experienced Master Certified (Business and Executive) Coach, Mentor and Marketing Strategist, Yiwen founded Your24hCoach - The International Coaching Network to help coaches to share their messages and services with the world.

Hanauer Landstrasse 17, Frankfurt am Main, 60314, Germany

About Yiwen

Yiwen has consulted a wide range of executives, distinguished individuals and organizations, including the American Management Association, CGI, Mercedes and the Airbus Group.

She serves on numerous advisory boards and conducts workshops globally on business success strategies, leadership and change creation. Yiwen is also a frequent invited speaker and featured contributor for industry related publications.

Yiwen genuinely believes that professional coaches do really important work in the world. She actively supports the growth and raising the standards in the young profession of coaching. Over the years she has contributed to establish higher standards of training, credentialing and ethics within the fast growing coaching community.

My Training and Qualifications

It’s often said that a good life is the enemy of a great life. About 10 years ago, Yiwen lived a pretty good life. Equipped with four academic degrees, she worked as a change management consultant with an international consultancy. Through her work she was travelling major cities in Europe, leading teams on large-scale change management programs. Her life took a radical turn when she learned how many talented and successful people she knew were actually living in a golden cage.

Inspired by her discovery and early age exposure to the principles of Chinese philosophy and personal development she decided to dedicate her life to coaching and help people to live exceptionally. She founded Your24hCoach as a vehicle for professional coaches to share their voice with the world and create real connections with coaching clients.

Yiwen provides coach certification trainings, one-to-one mentoring and a one-to-one coaching programme, called “Coaching Leadership Circle” for professional coaches committed to play a bigger game and making a difference in people’s lives.

Specifically, Coaching Leadership Circle Programme was created for: 

1.  Aspiring coaches to start their coaching business

2.  Busy coaches to step up their coaching business to the next level

What you will learn:

1.  How to build a coaching business aligned with your values

2.  How to be You in your business 

3.  Powerful and proven marketing and branding strategies

4.  How to refine your brand and message

5.  Hands-on business training for building your professional coaching practise

You will get personalised coaching sessions; guidance; learn about powerful business and marketing strategies and tactics; branding; online marketing methods and systems that have worked for hundreds of other successful coaches.

The places for this coaching programme are limited and Yiwen works only with a few selected new clients per quarter. The Coaching Leadership Circle Programme is currently sold out with a 6 months waiting list. If you are interested please contact Your24hCoach support team or Yiwen directly with your contact details.

My Coaching and Work Experience

Yiwen is a Certified Master Coach and holds a Diploma of Visual Arts from the Merz Akademie; a Master of Arts in Media from the University of Portsmouth; a Master in International Business Economics from the University of Hamburg and a MBA from the Fudan University.

Winner Specialization

Language Languages

  • English English
  • Chinese (Mandarin) Chinese (Mandarin)
  • German German


Avg cost (per hour): € 180,00