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Amy McGrath Amy McGrath Amy McGrath

Hi, I'm Amy McGrath  

I ♥ showing professional women how to let go of their "baby" - a longstanding career, a job they have invested years in, a business they created or ran, or even a key relationship - and move on.

Aurora, United States

About Amy

Before I was a coach, I was an administrative assistant for 10 years.  It was actually a miserable time for me, not because I didn't have generous employers and amazing co-workers but because it wasn't the way I had intended to help others. 

I wanted to be happy in my career.  I sought help from therapists and counselors and books and doctors and antidepressants.  None of that helped me.  I finally admitted that everything I was trying wasn't doing jack for me.  I needed a different approach.  I came across some amazing people to help me.  The things that ushered me into sustainable mental health were:

  • cleaning up my diet to be free of gluten, and
  • applying the principles of thought management that I learned at Frame of Mind Coaching.

Now I have happiness and a fulfilling career which will always be with me because I finally understand that they begin within.

I believe that greatness lies within each of us and we are meant not only to express it, but also to have it seen. I want to see your greatness.  That's my passion.  That's my purpose.  That's what makes me tick.  That's the grease in my learning/teaching engine.  That's why I do it - so that I can see greatness.  Rest assured that when you work with me, at some point in time, you're going to see greatness too because that's what I'm after.  And when I find it, I will not hesitate to share it with you.

Welcome to my world! Now, let's get to work making the world you thought you'd be living in by now really, truly yours.

My Training and Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Psychology - 2001

Certification through Frame of Mind Coaching - 2011

My Coaching and Work Experience

This is my fourth year of coaching. I believe coaching is mutually beneficial. Each and every client I have worked with has taught me something very special that I needed in that time of my life. I wouldn't hesitate to let you speak with any of my past clients. I keep in touch with all of them to this day as our relationships continue beyond coaching. 

My personal and professional lives are wholly focused on supporting others. I have done this as a daughter, friend, wife, mother, administrative assistant ... coach.

I am a Frame of Mind Coach which means I use a unique process and infrastructure for my clients to develop the skills of deliberate thought. I am interested in what's going on in that great big brain of yours. The way both of us know what you're thinking is by you sharing it with me on weekly phone calls and in an online journal. This is not a one time, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am experience. This is a 10-week proven process. It's intense. It's deep. It will rock your world - which is just want you need to move on to that thing you know you should be doing, but haven't pursued yet.

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