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Steven Afshar Steven Afshar Steven Afshar Steven Afshar Steven Afshar

Hi, I'm Steven Afshar  

Leadership Development Specialist looking at the individuals temperament, gifting,strength of character, motivations, attitude, vision and purpose.

Team Coaching 

Change Management Facilitation 


Waterlooville, United Kingdom

About Steven

This is what clients say of Steven's unique capability:-

• You are able to build strong rapport through intuitive listening skills and probing to get to the heart of the matter whilst maintaining an encouraging ease in the natural flow of dialogue.

• You question incredibly well, and listen carefully (and patiently!) To get all the information and specifics, before delivering a judgment or solution. It’s very rare these days and a real talent!

• You have an amazing ability to put people at ease.

My Training and Qualifications

BTEC First Diploma in Business Studies (Southdowns College)                                                       1991

BTEC National Diploma in Leisure Management.(Southdowns College)                                           1993

Lifestyle Consultant (Fitness for Industry)                                                                                          1995

Personal Fitness Trainer (Fitness for Industry)                                                                                   1996

Basic Management Course (Fitness for Industry)                                                                              1996

IHBC Swedish Body Massage                                                                                                            1997

IIHHT Indian Head Massage                                                                                                              1998

AS Level Psychology (Highbury College)                                                                                           2000

HND in Business Marketing - Merit (Portsmouth University)                                                              2002

NLP Core Skills & Practitioner Part 1 (Pegasus NLP Trainings)                                                        2006

NLP Practitioners Part 2 (Pegaus NLP Trainings)                                                                              2008

Personal Performance Coach (The Coaching Academy)                                                                   2010

SME Business Coach (The Coaching Academy)                                                                               2010

Character & Sales Character Index - Consultant(Personal transformation Success)                        2010

Licensed Practitioner – Integral Eye Movement Therapy (Andrew Austin)                                        2010

DISC & Motivators Psychometrics - Consultant                                                                                 2011

Goal Mapping Practitioner (Brian Mayne)                                                                                           2011

Licensed Change Work Practitioner Levels 1 & 2 – Metaphors of Movement (Andrew Austin)         2012

Facilitator – Open Space Technology (The Participation Agency)                                                     2014

My Coaching and Work Experience

Working at SME & Corporate level (globally) delivering leadership coaching & development programs for senior staff and teams.

  • Successful creation and positioning of USP being termed ‘the last resort’ in terms of psychotherapeutic change work treatment with business owners, directors, executives and managers suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, phobia, low self-esteem/confidence.
  • Design and distribution of unique lead generation book relating to ill mental health in business.
  • Creative design and implementation of leadership and development projects with business owners, executives and teams from multiple industries incorporating psychometric profiling, coaching and workshops.
  • Creation of leadership development model ‘Personal Mastery’ with supportive book used as a commercial strategy
  • Successful turnaround of multiple start up/SME’s on brink of liquidation using specific business coaching model ‘Business Craft’
  • Successful lead generation presentations regionally illustrating unique business coaching model ‘Business Craft’.
  • Case evidence of growing businesses by 40% working directly with Managing Directors using executive coaching and Change work model.
  • Working successfully with teams improving personal performance, team communication and collaboration, change management, company vision and company/customer awareness.
  • Successful revamp of lead generation strategies for SME’s increasing sales appointments from 2 per seminar to 20 per seminar using a mix of AIDA, Copy Writing and NLP.

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