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Wayne Kessler

Hi, I'm Wayne Kessler  

Want to improve work performance? Get a new job? Change careers? Deal w/ADHD or ADD? Feel less anxious and more confident? I can help you find and build on your strengths, be more organized, confident, balanced, focused, and strategic.

Westwood, United States

About Wayne

Wayne Kessler brings a unique combination of education and experience to his work with both individuals and organizations. Drawing from his valuable and broad skill set in psychology, management, marketing and technology he takes a results-oriented, strength-based and positive psychology approach to his coaching and consulting work.

Coaching with Individuals:

Wayne is a compassionate, supportive, yet challenging coach who provides a safe place for change in adults from college-age to retired seniors. He coaches people in the following areas: ADHD, business, job seeking, or career direction, and life/relationships. Wayne also helps high performers bring their performance to the next level using the latest technology, project management, sales and marketing strategies to improve ROI and achieve deliverables.

Coaching with Organizations:

Wayne works with businesses worldwide, to coach employees who are either not meeting work performance standards, or those who are performing well but need help to maximize their performance to bring it to the next level. Work performance issues addressed include areas such as time management, systems and work flow, compliance, team/relationships, leadership skills, delegation, emotion regulation, perfectionism, and work/life balance. 

Coaching Approach:

Wayne's unique and proprietary coaching approach is a comprehensive and integrative approach that incorporates the best therapeutic and professional coaching tools and strategies. Our work together aims to identify and build on each individual’s strengths, enabling them to be more strategic, focused, productive, organized, profitable, fulfilled, and balanced in their school, work, career and life. Depending on the client's challenges, coaching sessions may utilize skills drawn from best practice coaching as well as Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT), Neurolinguistic Programming(NLP) and Mindfulness approaches.

My Training and Qualifications

  • Coaching certification from Boston University as well as training from MentorCoach
  • ADHD specialization for helping people with ADD or ADHD build on their strengths
  • Graduate Degree in Human Services Management  and many years of training in management skills including MBA level business classes from Boston University Graduate School of Management and UMASS Boston.
  • Graduate Social Work degree (MSW), clinical work experience and training contributes to the highest quality, client focused, approach and the highest ethical business practices
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy certification from Boston University
  • Graduate certificate in Dispute Resolution from UMASS Boston. Training and experience as a mediator and negotiator with both the Cambridge and Quincy Court systems which can help you replace conflicts with creative problem resolutions
  • Experienced instructor/trainer in Zenger Miller/Achieve Global human resource management skills

My Coaching and Work Experience

  • Experienced coach with over 20 years of supervision experience who helps you identify choices, set goals, clarify expectations, set realistic timelines, and create easy to manage work plans
  • Work experience with both for-profit and not-for-profit companies
  • Work experience with large and small companies
  • Strategic planning and committee experience
  • Marketing and advertising specialization
  • Online branding and Search Engine Optimization expertize

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