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Eljena Petrak

Hi, I'm Eljena Petrak  

If you seek help to clear obstacles, make new discoveries, reframe your vision, decide on your next step or just enchance quality of your life - I can help you with any issue you are facing so you do not have to go through it alone.

Brisbane, Australia

About Eljena

My expertise in coaching was developed through study of coaching technologies, philosophies, and various self-development tools.

I studied under the likes of Coach and Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins, and the world-renowned Psychotherapist Cloe Madanes. Also, I studied under the Clinical Hypnotherapist Dr Steve G Jones, American Union of NLP.

Connection, growth and contribution are the main driving forces in my life. My life purpose and true passion is finding creative ways for you to live your life in a way it was meant to be experienced; filled with joy, vibrancy, fulfilment, peace and ultimately to find your Life Purpose.  Without Life Purpose you are like a cork in the sea being aimlesly thrown in any direction. You live the life that someone else has created for you.  And yet there is nothing more empowering and fulfilling than taking control of your life and start living it on your own terms.  That feeling, my friend, is called the ultimate freedom.

My past was dense with experiences such as traumatic childhood, financial hardship, difficult relationships, leaving my homeland and starting all over again, overcoming long term addiction, overcoming shyness, self-doubts and low self-esteem.  Also, I had family members struggling with alcoholism addiction, depression, weight issues, to name just a few.

Now that I am able to connect the dots I see what a blessing it was.  Now I can help YOU my friend to overcome your challenges.

If I would have to change something in the past, I would change nothing because all the miseries and hard times I went through, they were such a valuable lesson of life that created the present joy I have.   I not only managed to overcome all the hardship, but I have managed now to create life that many people only wish for.

My Training and Qualifications

- Commercial Diploma, Belgrade 1988

- Business / Admin Certificate, Brisbane (Brisbane City Council) 2000

-  Trainer & Assessor certification from the Keeping it Simple, Brisbane 2014

-  Life Coach certification from the American Union of NLP 2014

-  Strategic Intervention certification from the Robbins-Madanes Coach Training 2014

My Coaching and Work Experience

I have been doing unpaid coaching most of my adult life as so many family members, friends and colleagues tend to turn up to me when they get stuck, need support or an advice. It had been a motivating factor for me to actually do the coaching courses and start coaching professionally. 

Currently working at Brisbane City Council in Administration. 

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