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Marina Alexander Marina Alexander

Hi, I'm Marina Alexander  

Confidence is the centrifugal point of any person's success, whether in Business or Life. Contact me only if you would like to walk the path of success through your self belief and action oriented life with the use of futuristic methods

Melbourne, Australia

About Marina

I have been Coaching since 1996, with a few deviations for additional learning. With a whole person approach in Life, Business, Executive, Mentoring and Training, confidence and success is easily achieved. I am confident and I imbue my clients with that same surety of success in applied strategies.

Some of my clients have achieved astounding results:

  • Film Producer's team won the coveted Palme D'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • A lawyer with added motivation escalated her earnings from $50K per year to a current $220K per annum.
  • A bank loans employee accelerated his position in the team from lowest performing team member to the highest possible. He exceeded set targets in 3 months with subsequent multiple rewards.
  • Couples increased their relationship happiness with Relationship and Conflict Resolution Coaching.
  • Companies decreased their internal conflict through Leadership or Staff Training.
  • Small Coached Business owners learned or discovered successful business strategies 

I am extremely intuitive and can perceive the core of a client's problem and subsequent personally suitable specific prognosis, easily, quickly. This accelerates transmutation - the process of burning off the old cognitive thinking - the obstacle to success.

Bypassing cosmetic transformation, which creates only temporary change, the human hardware then becomes a beacon for success. The client learns to rely on their own internal guidance.

In a world filled with confidence zapping uncertainty this intuition becomes the torch for life's decisions.

I am constantly learning lazer beam methods for success, easily discarding old outdated and time consuming modes for success oriented change to enhance my client's progress. 

Working as an English teacher in Japan, I expanded my global cultural understanding adding to my Greek background and Italian husband's culture whilst living in multicultual Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne property sales in Malaysia and Singapore, telemarketing, market research broadened my sales expertise and I trained others in these valuable skills. The management of the 13 individual small businesses and UK training as a Business Advisor gave me tools to help businesses and train or coach in companies as well as my Coaching Career have culminated in the ability to understand and appropriately guide each global individual. I have 3 adult children, living in glorious Melbourne, Australia. 

My Training and Qualifications

  • BA - Social Sciences - Psychology
  • Personality Certificate Course
  • Relationship counseling and conflict resolution certificate 
  • Profiling Qualifications
  • Trained Global Business Advisor - part of an international association
  • International Trade Certificate
  • Psychic Healing Certificate
  • Clairvoyant Certificate 
  • Meditation Certificate 
  • Interior Design Certificate

My Coaching and Work Experience

I love Coaching. Post my studies in Psychology while juggling 2 busineses and a family I began Counselling. I soon discovered that it did not suit my personality as it was problem focused. I expanded it to Coaching and Training and found my calling.

Providing motivation, guidance and support, lovingly, accelerated the development of my clients. 

I knew that practical strategies and Psychological principles were not adequate in a pure understanding of the human condition. I wanted to delve into the human spirit and enter the depth of the soul.

So I studied clairvoyance, psychic healing, meditation and manifestation, which clearly focused on the human expanded potential, not the limited mortal body and mind. I learned that the cognitive mind, the constant thinking was detrimental to achieving extraordinary goals.

Thus began my client focus on mindfulness. Through easy training clients acquire the ability to be present, relaxed and free from past and future thinking. They overcome that mountainous obstacle of a state of stuckness. They learn to live in a state of inner peace, which is the prerequisite for easy, fast manifestation of wishes and desires.

I personally have also incorporated mind entrainment - mind wide open - for myself. This is passive daily listening to specifically developed sounds which gradually erodes past detrimental learnings by expanding the neuron connections so I have a more complete picture of each situation. Now my life is problem awareness momentarily and an immediate appropriate solution is clearly evident  

I also recommend this methodology for my clients.

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