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Hi, I'm Chelsea Husnik  

If you leave this world now, are you where you were meant to be? Would you like insight to your TRUE feelings and inner self to make amazing changes daily! Learn to listen, and trust your inner self, with guidance and help its possible

Cottage Grove, MN, United States

About Chelsea

Hello there! I am honored that you are looking to learn more about me!

I professionally practice as a Registered Nurse for my day job as well as a life coach-  I have been doing this for 7 years working with numerous people in various stages of life, from having children, opening a business, and end of life care. I have a BS in psychology as well, with an additional major in theology focus.

I have experience with MANY different life scenarios, but currently I work in our clinic counseling couples to help achieve a union. I have been coaching people now for about 5 years, and know that all we want in this life is to suceed and find happiness within. That is the most satisying of all. Its something that no one can take away.

My experience with people, families, couples, patients who are close to the end of their life, and making great strides in achieving all of their goals. I believe in the power of self. You have all the tools you need to make your life amazing. You just need to know how to access them deep within. I am an empath, which means I have the ability to read people and their emotions even over chat or phone. (As I also counsel and work with people/patients remotely)

My Training and Qualifications

Here are my educational background details:

* Majored in Theology 2003 Hamline University
* BS in Psychology 2003 Hamline University
* RN degree in 2008
* Life Coaching classes and training From Innervisionsworldwide.
* Worked with well known metaphysical teacher Doreen Virtue and Echo Bodine

My Coaching and Work Experience

You name it, I have heard it. We have solved it. I am huge believer in humor and loving life.

Ever since I was little I knew I could read people well. Better than most. It was not until College and finally after that I found a passion and calling in helping people develop spiritually. I am personally not affiliated with a specific religion so that focus caters to your needs.

I found a passion working with women and couples in my Nursing career as I work in the Birth center, and a clinic for OB patients, counseling couples and working with families.

I enjoy helping people from ALL walks of life find their passions, and find themselves in life. I believe that we all have the answers we need to make our lives what they are supposed to be. With clarity and guided introspection I can help you open your mind and heart to finding all the things you need so you live each day from the heart.

I am here to help answer questions, give advice, listen and show you the way to a better life. Like I said, there is so much good to be found in life, and I feel that attacking that with; Humor and the ability to laugh, make strong connections with those around us, and focus on self love and reflection.

My life Philosophy is ever growing, and I truly believe in the law of attraction.

So you came to my site for a reason!!

Lets laugh and love through life together!

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