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Sarah Forbes

Hi, I'm Sarah Forbes  

As a certified Life Coach, I work with my clients to support them in expanding and transforming their life experience. I take a progressive and nonjudgmental approach in helping them to feel inspired and achieve their goals.

San Diego, United States

About Sarah

I am a certified Life Coach with the Life Coach Institute of Orange County.  I also hold a B.A. in Religious and Philosophical Studies from UCSD.  I have studied and taught spiritual practices in Turkey, India and the United States.  I combine my knowledge of spirituality with my certification in coaching to help my clients awaken beyond what challenges them.

My Training and Qualifications

  • C.P.C. certification from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County
  • B.A. in Religious and Philosophical Studies from UCSD
  • R.Y.T. certified Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance
  • Over ten years training in various meditation and spiritual practices
  • One year away from obtaining my Rs.C.P.license in Interfaith Spiritual Counseling

My Coaching and Work Experience

I have been working as a Professional Coach for several years under my business name, The Inspired Mind, LLC.  I am also part of a team of providers with the Hillcrest Wellness Center of San Diego, where my office is currently located.

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