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Lara Siegel Lara Siegel

Hi, I'm Lara Siegel  

I coach business owners and high potential/high performing managers.  I spent close to 20 years working in PR/communications within healthcare, professional services and financial service practice areas

New York, United States

About Lara

I am an executive coach and PR professional working with ambitious business owners and high potential/high performing managers.

My Training and Qualifications

  • B.A. in Communications, University of Pennsylvania
  • Certified Professional Coach, iPEC (ICF certified coaching institution)
  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (attitudinal leadership assessment)

My Coaching and Work Experience

I have spent close to 20 years serving PR clients within healthcare, professional services and financial practice areas and have been brought in across teams to secure major media wins, improve client-account team dynamics and mentor junior staff.  I currently work with business owners as well as high potential/high performing managers- both individually and through workshops- to help boost performance, revenue and leadership effectiveness.  Much of my coaching centers around shifting from a "tunnel vision" approach to more of an opportunity mindset, tackling blocks that get in the way of success and helping clients move from vision to implementation- all valuable skills that significantly impact business development, networking and career search; conflict negotiation; leadership; and general success.  Leaders often get "stuck" and experience inertia. Achieving concrete, steady and sustainable results are important for client growth, revenue increase and overall success.  Prioritizing values, uncovering the true "goal behind a goal," increasing self awareness and holding clients accountable to action plans all help move them forward.  Testimonials and additional information can be accessed at:

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Language Languages

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Avg cost (per hour): $ 200.00 - $ 350.00