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Gary Henson

Hi, I'm Gary Henson  

What will you do to start creating a legacy of significance? Whatever you choose, remember, you’ve got to commit to WHO you’ll BE in the world before you start doing.” ~Gary B. Henson

Sacramento, United States

About Gary

Gary Henson is a 27 year veteran of the professional business coaching industry. Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Gary followed suit and owned several companies of his own before meeting  Jim Selman in 1989. Jim is the man Gary credits for being the inspiration behind his shift from owning Bradford Real Estate Company - to becoming a true change agent. With a passion for business and entrepreneurship, Gary made a bold move and invested everything into learning from the master of cultural transformation, the art of professional business coaching. 

My Training and Qualifications

Certified Business Coach

My Coaching and Work Experience

We have proven, time-tested business coaching results:

★ The average client works with me for 23 months
★ 92% say, “My business and personal life have dramatically improved since working with Gary.” 
★ 70% see over 200% in increased sales or profits. 
★ 54% see a reduction in overhead costs
★ 92% see improved relationships in the workplace or at home
★ 86% see improved work culture and moral and 96% see improved communication
★ 96% say, “Gary understands my company’s goals and is committed to our success.”
★ 98% say, “Gary is a great coach and friend” and 

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