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Gabriela Senn Gabriela Senn

Hi, I'm Gabriela Senn  

I am a cutting-edge success and fulfillment coach. I help women who feel stuck, bored or unhappy with their job or their current life to fall in love with their life again, find meaning and purpose, gain confidence and love who they are

Zürich, Switzerland

About Gabriela

My journey to becoming a cutting-edge success and fulfillment coach started many years ago.  I have always been curious about what makes people, people! The real essence and connection between our mind, body and soul.

As you can imagine, to discover and know all of this means a lot of deep searching and learning.  I embarked on a journey to quench my curiosity and I started off as a Flight Attendant with Swissair, then found myself in the pharmaceutical world and eventually landed with my own practice as a therapist.

During my time as a therapist I focused and invested in learning more about bio resonance, kinesiology, NLP and hypnotherapy. This was the time for me when I discovered a lot about the inner self (mind, body, soul).

I found myself being even more curious and wanting to go deeper in this area of expertise. I organised seminars and workshops. These seminars and workshops were focused on helping people overcome their limiting beliefs and transform their lives. It was a very empowering phase in my life and this is when I discovered my purpose in life.

But as you know, not everything is as perfect as people may want it to seem like. I was empowered, excited to have found my calling, I had also become a Yoga Teacher in addition, BUT then I found myself going through a divorce. It was quite unsettling to be honest.

Just when I thought I had it all together - I actually didn’t. Even though I knew and had found my purpose in life, due to fear and the other circumstances that were taking place in my life, I found myself returning to my old career in the pharma world. I am sure - I am not the only one who has ever made a fear based decision!

I was driven more by the need of knowing that my children and I will be safe and secure. I did my best considering I was now a single mother of two. However, work was not really cooperating with me and my situation.

I had no time left for me, even worse no time for the children. Work become extremely demanding in a very unsupportive environment. This is when I finally had to listen to my own body and intuition, which lead me to really following my true calling. I needed to do this for myself, my children and even more for you.

Ever since making that decision, life has become an exciting adventure and I feel fulfilled and absolutely happy. This is what I desire for you as well. This is why I do what I do. I would love an opportunity to be able to support you on your journey.

I have been there where you are. For me to overcome the hurdles I had in front of me, I reached out for help. I had to. And today I am saying to you, I would love to help you. Don’t struggle alone!

Do yourself a favor and get in touch!

Warmly, Gabriela

My Training and Qualifications

- Certified Martha Beck Coach

- Certified Facilitator of systemic constellations in an organizational context

- Certified Kinesiology Instructor

- NLP Assistant Trainer and certified NLP practitioner

- Certified Yoga Teacher

- Marketing Manager

- Pharmacist

My Coaching and Work Experience

I have lots of years of experience working with people of diverse backgrounds. I had my own center for personal development giving workshops and seminars and also had my own yoga center. Now I am working as a life coach in my own practice and also as a career coach in a freelance position.

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