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  • Larry McMahon  

    Executive Coach, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach

    I help people to realize their full potential. This can mean Healing or Learning or Achieving ... or just getting the most out of life!View more...

    Killarney, Ireland
  • Edward Marshall  

    Executive Coach, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Spirituality Coach

    Looking to improve your career and business? Unsure of your career strategy and need help with finding you way? Look no further! As an experienced business coach I can help you to achieve your career and business goals. View more...

    Ottawa, Canada
  • Luannah Livermore  

    Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach

    Specialising in  Holistic Deep Tissue Massage and Hawaiian Healing Practices that Empower and Support Regenerating your Health and Vitality in Body , Mind and Soul.View more...

    Galiano Island, Canada
  • Julie Pone  

    Life Coach, Spirituality Coach

    I work with clients in 4 main ways: getting clarity on their goals; transforming limiting subconscious beliefs; managing stress; making decisions in alignment with their Soul profile. Both in English and French, from Dublin and Paris. View more...

    Dublin, Ireland
  • Bianca de Reus  

    Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Spirituality Coach

    Over the years, I have developed leadership, coaching, training and mentoring skills which not only helped many people grow and change, but also assisted myself to further develop.View more...

    New South Wales, Australia
  • Rebeca Buffaloe (6 reviews )  

    Executive Coach, Life Coach

    I work with a broad spectrum of clients looking to effectively address personal and professional challenges and achieve new levels of success.  View more...

    Portland, United States
  • Stephen W Murphy  

    Executive Coach, Life Coach

    Dramatically increase your personal leadership value! I am “An EXPERT at making GREAT Leaders!”™  View more...

    West Lafayette, United States
  • Jelena Pavlovic  

    Life Coach

    Jelena is a constructivist counselor, trainer and a coach. Her field of expertise is facilitation of personal and professional development from a constructivist psychology perspective. View more...

    Belgrade, Serbia
  • Mushtaq Rehman  

    Executive Coach, Life Coach

    Looking to improve your life, career and business? Look no further! View more...

    Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • Adriana Rojas  

    Life Coach

    Mimisi ón es servir de apoyo a aquellos que quieren trabajar en su crecimiento profesional y personal, fortaleciendo competencias que necesita para lograr sus objetivos. View more...

    Pembroke Pines, United States
  • Christine Dawson (9 reviews )  

    Executive Coach, Life Coach

    Life can be both rewarding and challenging, sometimes it looks perfect and sometimes it feels extremely difficult. View more...

    Oldham, United Kingdom