Do you or a loved one struggle with an eating disorder?

Sometimes our eating habits change – we may try to eat healthier, eat too much or lose our appetite completely. Changing our food preferences from time to time is normal. Unfortunately, sometimes our eating habits might turn into a serious issue and turn into something that has moved on from just being about food itself.

For those who find themselves struggling with eating disorders, our experienced coaches can help you.

Our Eating Disorder Coaches will support you to:

  • Regain freedom
  • Relieve you from feeling guilty, trapped or anxious
  • Taking control over your appetite again
  • Find a balance between the food you eat and your body
  • Forget about diets and food restrictions.

You will find that you start enjoying being yourself, with a much healthier lifestyle.

  • (3 reviews )  

    Business Coach, Executive Coach, Career Coach, Love & Relationships Coach

     As your coach, I will help you find answers where you feel "stuck". Together we will examine your life's challenges from a new perspective while honoring your core values. View more...

    bethesda, United States
  • Elizabeth Donegan  

    Love & Relationships Coach, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Spirituality Coach

    Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a modern approach to hypnosis and it can help with behavioural, physical or emotional problems, enabling you to make lasting postive change in your life. View more...

    Bury Saint Edmunds, United Kingdom
  • Leanna Lapidus  

    Love & Relationships Coach, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach

    Everyone has the power to live their full potential by becoming aware of thought, feeling and behaviour by becoming consciously aware. I focus on coaching to improve personal growth and self-awareness.View more...

    Tarzana, Ca, United States
  • Barry Langton  

    Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach

    Professional clinical hypnotherapist, qualified, fully registered and insured. I'm dedicating to understanding exactly what you want to achieve, monitoring progress throughout therapy and ensuring changes last.View more...

    Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • Vicki French (7 reviews )  

    Career Coach, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Spirituality Coach

    Are you struggling in any area of your life, is fear keeping you stuck in a place that is not serving you well.  If you know it is time to make a change but you don't know how to make it happen, then you came to the right place. View more...

    Herts, United Kingdom
  • Judith Beaulieu RN CHC  

    Health & Wellness Coach

    A Registered Nurse with 35+ years experience, and a Board Certified Health Coach through Health Coach Alliance. Her expertise is in wellness consulting, providing coaching to professionals within the corporate environment.View more...

    Coatesville, United States
  • Rudi Dorenbeck-Werth  

    Love & Relationships Coach, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach

    How great could your life be if you recognised your fears, learned to face and overcome them? Sounds incredible? Not really, in fact it is very feasible and achievable!View more...

    Hounslow, United Kingdom
  • Steven Afshar  

    Business Coach, Executive Coach, Life Coach, Christian Coach

    Leadership Development Specialist looking at the individuals temperament, gifting,strength of character, motivations, attitude, vision and purpose. Team Coaching  Change Management Facilitation   View more...

    Waterlooville, United Kingdom
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