• What is The International Coaching Network?

    The International Coaching Network is the leading independent coaching network of professionally certified coaches. Today over 238.000 people are using our service to connect with the best and most experienced life coaches every month. That makes The International Coaching Network the leading life coaching network and directory.
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    At The International Coaching Network we believe life coaching is about trust.
    That’s why only professional coaches with the highest levels of training and expertise are selected to be listed with us. All coaches on The International Coaching Network go through a two-stage application process. Our team analyzes each coach’s application and professional background in detail.

    Only if the life coach meets our standard of professional education and experience will they be added to our network. Our coaches share common values including continuous self-improvement, authenticity, dedication and integrity. You can use our services safely in the knowledge that you are seeking help from an experienced and highly qualified life coach.

    Our mission is to inform, connect and enable people who are seeking support from professionally qualified coaches.

  • Meet the The International Coaching Network team

    The key to creating remarkable experiences and lasting connections is our passion. Once we commit to an idea, our team plans and executes with passion. Providing fantastic support and customer service is not something we take lightly, it’s what compels us to get up in the morning and make a difference in people’s lives.
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    The International Coaching Network listed life coaches are focused on providing value to their coaching clients. We strive to provide our clients, namely coaches and people looking for the right coach, with the best tools to do just that.

  • Why should I use The International Coaching Network to find a coach?

    All Life Coaches listed on The International Coaching Network go through a two-stage application process. Our team verifies each Life Coach’s application and professional background in detail. Only if the coach meets our standard of professional education and experience will they be added to our network. The applications which are accepted includes; a diploma in human science, psychology or a certificate from a completed coach training program like NLP, Hypnotherapy (scanned copy or photo) OR proof of membership to an accredited coaching body. You can use our services safely with the knowledge that you are seeking support from an experienced, highly-qualified Business and Life Coach.

    The International Coaching Network gives you the flexibility to speak to a Life Coach from wherever you are, whenever you choose. You will have access to online coaches 24/7 for those moments when you need guidance on an urgent matter. All coaching sessions through The International Coaching Network live-chat software are private and confidential.

    The International Coaching Network also gives you the opportunity to leave an anonymous public review (with either your nick name or first name), which is an incentive for all our coaches to deliver the best service. With your review you help them to build a positive coach profile for new potential clients. You can also see reviews from other clients before you choose your coach.

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  • How do I connect with a coach?

    The International Coaching Network connects you to the right life coach in 3 easy steps:

    1. Select your coach
    Browse in your specified coaching category and select your favourite coach.

    2. Connect with a coach
    By clicking “Chat Now” we will connect you instantly with the selected online coach. If they are not available straight away, you can send them a coaching request to book a time.

    3. Begin coaching
    Your selected coach will be notified of your coaching call. As soon as they accept your coaching request you can arrange a coaching session or chat immediately online.

  • Why do coaches charge different prices?

    Coaching fees depend on the coach’s experience, background and training, which means fees will vary from coach to coach. You will find that coaches with more experience or who specialise in leadership and executive coaching will generally charge more than other coaches. Typical coaching rates are between £45 per hour and £60 per hour.

  • How can a coach help me?

    A life and business coach supports you by empowering you to make, meet and exceed your personal and professional goals. The foundation of Life Coaching is that clients must be given the power to help themselves.

    A life and business coach can help you achieve much more and in less time than you could on your own. Much like a good sports coach does for an athlete, your personal Life Coach will keep you motivated, focused on your goal, encourage you when you’re feeling frustrated, give you positive feedback and make sure you remain challenged to make real progress in your life.

  • How does the coaching process work?

    We encourage you to work with a coach you feel comfortable with and have regular meetings with your chosen coach to achieve the best results. A key part of Life Coaching is rapport between you and your Life Coach. If you do not feel comfortable with your coach, they will not be able to help you. We recommend having a brief chat with your coach before you confirm any sessions to ensure their methods are right for you to help you reach your goals.

  • How long is a typical coaching session?

    We recommend initially a minimum of 20 minutes to see if the coach is right for you. After that, a normal coaching session can be from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on your goals.

  • Which kind of coach should I choose?

    Choosing the right coach is important. We suggest looking through the available profiles and learning more about the different coaching areas (life, business, career, love and relationships) to find the right coach who will help you to reach your specific goals.

  • What is life coaching?

    Life coaching is a partnership between you and your life coach who will encourage you to discover how you can make positive changes in your life. Life coaching is about objectivity, structure and empowerment.

    A life coach provides the support and feedback you need to help you to stay focused on your goals.

    Online life coaching areas include:

  • What is Business Coaching?

    Would you like to reach your goals faster, make better decisions, accelerate your performance and improve your bottom line results? Our business coaches help executives, business owners of small and medium sized businesses in the areas of sales, management, marketing, leadership and time management. Our business coaches are some of the best and most experienced in their industry.

    If you have any personal and professional barriers such as fear of failure, fear of success, communication or low self-confidence, our coaches will support you to break through them so you can build a great business or career. Our business coaches are a powerful ally in identifying and overcoming the obstacles that high-achieving business professionals like you face in your personal life and careers.

    Online business coaching areas include:

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  • What is career coaching?

    Do you feel bored, unmotivated, or unfulfilled in your current job? Many people do not know what job would satisfy them or feel that they are unable to risk leaving their current job, even when they desire a change of career. Often you do not see what is being a hindrance in your work life or realise the impact of our careers on the rest of our lives.

    Your career is an important part of your life – imagine how it would feel if you could achieve all your work goals or even more. This is possible!
    Professional career coaching can set you on the right path to create a career you love.

    Online career coaching areas include:

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  • What is love and relationship coaching?

    Do you feel misunderstood or frustrated? Love and relationships bring happiness and meaning to one’s life. Every person will have their own vision of a great relationship and have different needs they want fulfilled.

    From time to time people experience relationships problems. These can have a strong impact on other aspects of your life. Coaching will help you explore your relationship and help you make necessary changes.

    Our love and relationship coaches have many years of experience and can help you to understand what is really going on. They will help you identify what you see as a great relationship and identify any needs that are currently not being fulfilled in those relationships. You will learn to take the necessary steps and build a relationship of lasting passion and love.

    Online love and relationship coaching areas include:

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