FAQ for Coaches

  • What is The International Coaching Network?

    The International Coaching Network is the world’s leading coaching network of professionally certified coaches. Our mission is to connect coaching seekers with the best qualified coaches. Reach your coaching clients from anywhere across the globe through our online coaching marketplace.

  • Why should I use The International Coaching Network?

    Are you spending hours marketing coaching services to new clients or spending hours on conducting free coaching teaser sessions as well as traveling to see a client? Do you sometimes wish you could simply focus on what you are really passionate about and good at – namely coaching other people and helping them to fulfill their potential? Just imagine how it would be if someone took care of all your marketing, appointment setting and invoicing. Well, The International Coaching Network does exactly that!

    We market your services through our platform and extensive marketing channels. You can use our system as an additional marketing tool to gain greater exposure through our network and social media accounts. Then running coaching sessions how you would normally being face to face or via such means of Skype. Our system offers a life chat option means you can connect with clients immediately and see if you can organize coaching sessions with clients contacting you immediately.

  • How does The International Coaching Network promote me to new coaching clients?

    With our extensive marketing channels and The International Coaching Network you will get the best exposure to new coaching clients. On our website, clients can browse through our online coach profiles where all our online coaches are listed by specialization (i.e. Business coaching, career coaching, love and relationship coaching and life coaching) and location. Our Plus Package offers life coaches the chance to be featured in social media channels, our regular coaching client newsletters, and be a Top Featured Online Coach on landing page as well as main pages.

    Life coaches on our Premium packages will have all of the aforementioned privileges and have first priority on clients to be matched as a recommended online life coach in their coaching areas. All online life coaches will have the opportunity to be promoted through our social media channels.

  • How do I sign up for an online coach profile on The International Coaching Network?

    Setting up your own coaching profile is easy! Simply complete the online Coach Application Form to submit your profile.

    In order to maintain high quality and standards as well as to ensure minimum standards of coaching are met, coaches are expected to commit to working within the The International Coaching Network code of ethics and conditions.

    We have a 2-stage application process to register as an online life coach:

    1. Application as an online coach
    2. Verification of your qualifications as an online coach

    All online coaches on The International Coaching Network must go through this two-stage application process. Our team verifies each coach’s application and professional background in detail. Only if the online coach meets our standard of professional education and experience will they be added to our network. This is to ensure that our clients can rest assured that they are seeking help from an experienced, highly qualified online coach.

    Our Coach Support team will contact you to confirm once we have verified your application and set up your profile. We will also provide you with login details to get you started.

  • How much does it cost to use The International Coaching Network?

    As a professional coach, you can join The International Coaching Network absolutely free, however we recommend upgrading your membership to maximize your benefits on our professional coaching directory and community. The International Coaching Network membership packages range from Free to Premium.

    The benefits of Plus and Premium Memberships are:

    • Be a “Featured Life Coach” on the landing page
    • Be a “Featured Life Coach” on main areas of coaching
    • First priority on coaching clients to be matched as a recommended online life coach in your coaching area
    • Be promoted through our social media channels
    • Feature in our regular client newsletters
    • Receive a personalized profile review from one of our experts
    • Reply to direct client messages and coaching requests

    See all of The International Coaching Network coaching membership pricing plans here.

  • What is 100% One-Year Money Back Guarantee?

    At The International Coaching Network we are confident that our service will give our members a positive Return On Investment (ROI). Based on our experience most of our coaches get several clients in the course of a year after listing their profile on our coaching directory. However, it often takes longer than just one or two months, so that is why we encourage our coaches to try The International Coaching Network for at least one year, while offsetting the financial risk.

  • How can I claim my refund?

    To claim you refund please notify our support team via support(at)your24hcoach.com within three weeks before your annual subscription expiry date. Please note that the guarantee policy applies to the first year of membership only.

  • Are there any hidden costs if I claim my money back?

    No, not at all, we give you our word to return the full cost of your membership without any arguments and/or delays, because our job is to bring you clients, and should you find that our services do not meet our promise we will take every effort to keep you satisfied and protected from financial risks.

  • How does The International Coaching Network's text chat system work?

    We have created our own text chat system for The International Coaching Network – Essentially an Instant message system. The additional benefit is that you do not have to download anything! You simply login and follow the instructions in our user manual which will be emailed to you after successful verification of your account.

  • How should I proceed with coaching client enquiries?

    We recommend proceeding how you would with any other coaching enquiry. We recommend that you discuss their coaching request and your coaching methods in more detail to decide together if you are both happy to work together. The next steps after that would be to agree a session time when they are available to hold a coaching session with you, in which way is most suitable for both coach and coaching client this can be face to face coaching, Skype Coaching or any other possible method.

  • Resetting your password

    Your username is simply your email address. If you have forgotten your password, click Log In and then click I Forgot My Password to follow the instructions to reset your password. Please note, coaches are unable to login with Facebook details.

  • How do I change my profile details?

    Please email all profile changes to us at support@your24hcoach.com. We will make the changes for you within 24 hours Monday to Friday (within 48 hours on weekends and UK public holidays).

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my coaching membership package?

    You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your coaching membership subscription at any time by contacting our Support Team at support@your24hcoach.com.

  • All other questions

    If you do not see your question here, do not hesitate to contact us on +44 208 133 8807. You can also email us at support@your24hcoach.com and a member of our Support Team will be happy to help you.