How could a Life Coach help you?

Life coaching helps you by empowering you to make positive changes in your life by setting realistic personal and professional goals and meeting them.

Our life coaches can offer you guidance on any aspect of your life including more self-confidence, weight loss, career change, better relationships, and much more.

People from every age, background and occupation receive coaching, but they all have one thing in common: a desire to achieve something more in their personal or professional life. Whatever your goals, a life coach can support you, motivate you and keep you focused on taking regular action to achieve your goals.

Anger Management Coaching

Do you find it hard to express the angry things you think and feel? Perhaps you find yourself unable to control your temper? Problems with anger are more common than we realise.

Anger management issues can get you into a great deal of trouble if you end up lashing out on the people around you. For those unable to vent their anger healthily it can be detrimental to your health.

Dysfunctional anger is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. A Life Coach could be the first step in appropriate management of anger. Read more…

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Anxiety Coaching

Are you worried about your health? Do worries about your finances affect your sleeping? Or do you worry about your family every day? Everyone worries. However worrying excessively can become a problem that affects other areas of your life.

Life Coaching can help you understand your personal cause of anxiety and ultimately conquer it. Read more…

Depression Coaching

Life can be hard and there are some events in life that leave us feeling sad, hopeless, unmotivated and low. Everyone experiences depression at some point in their life as life can be stressful, our plans may not work out or we may lose the ones we love.

When those feelings of sadness and despair persist for weeks, months, or even years, it may be time to seek help for depression. If you recognise these symptoms of depression, remember that you are not alone and there are experts available who can help you.

Coaching is not a substitute treatment for depression; instead it offers extra support to keep you motivated to help you get back on track. Read more…

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Life Coaching for Children

Are you worried about your child’s happiness? Are you children troubled or unruly? Your children may not find it easy to talk about their feelings you and may create outlets for themselves in different ways.

Life Coaching for Children can support your children’s personal development by addressing their stresses and anxieties. Read more…

Personal Development Coaching

Life Coaching can support your personal development by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses to see which areas of your life would like to address.

With support from a life coach, you can assess how you are getting on in life: whether you are happy (in your work, in your relationships, at home), whether you are reaching your goals, do you have a clear idea of what those goals are.

Your coach will be able to help you create a personal development plan to address these areas of your life and reach your goals. Read more…

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Self-Confidence Coaching

Many of us struggle with low confidence and self-esteem. There are many causes of low self-confidence which affect other areas of your life: your work, your relationships, your attitudes.

If you aspire to take positive action to build your confidence, speaking with a Life Coach will help you. Read more…

Stress Management Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you find it hard to concentrate or have trouble switching off from work? Are you lacking enthusiasm on a daily basis? Everyone experiences different forms of stress. The causes will vary from person to person as will each person’s management of stress.

Our Stress Management Coaches can help you discover your own stress thresholds and further develop your stress management skills. Read more…

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  • Janet Salem  

    Business Coach, Executive Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach

    Ideal clients know what matters and believe in the importance of leading from the heart. Their personal satisfaction comes from being able to align their values & their actions to create an environment where their greatness thrives.View more...

    Leicester, United States
  • Zangmo Alexander  

    Life Coach

    My main passion in teaching is facilitating personal growth and self discovery and enabling clients to explore ways of expressing themselves creatively from their inner authenticity.View more...

    Botesdale, United Kingdom
  • Glenn Cohen  

    Executive Coach, Love & Relationships Coach, Life Coach

    Glenn S. Cohen Coaching is a unique, proactive and dynamic coach counseling process designed to help individuals, couples and businesses attain their goals of achieving clarity, connection and joy in their lives and organizations.View more...

    Mt. Pleasant, United States

    Executive Coach, Life Coach

    We work with individuals & businesses to improve their spaces & circumstances through Feng Shui & Chinese metaphysics. We also offer workshops on several self-help topics, empowerment and Life coaching.View more...

    Beirut, Lebanon
  • Susan Hannigan  

    Love & Relationships Coach, Life Coach

    Susan Hannigan, CPC, is a Certified Professional Coach offering personal and professional coaching to individuals who want to produce remarkable results in their lives, careers, businesses and organizations. View more...

    New York, United States
  • Liam Hennessy  

    Business Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach

    Liam Hennessy, diplfcoach, is a certified life coach who helps people like you achieve the outcomes that you desire.View more...

    Oldcastle, Ireland

    Business Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach, Spirituality Coach

    My goal is to help you identify and overcome obstacles that are preventing you from being the best version of yourself - whatever that means for you. View more...

    New York, NY, United States, United States
  • Purvis Campbell  

    Executive Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach

    Looking to improve your career and business? Unsure of your career strategy and need help with finding you way? Look no further! As an experienced business coach I can help you to achieve your career and business goals. View more...

    Portstewart, United Kingdom
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